The Scoop:Web Journalism

The web is becoming the dominant news medium of the 21th century all journalists will be writing for the web at some point.

In Stovall book Writing for the Mass Media chapter 10 takes the me beyond some of the basic concepts of writing for the Web to try to view the Web in a broader contest. The Web is a word medium with special characteristics that make it a completely different medium from print or broadcasting.

Three major concepts that I grasped on to are

  • Backpack journalism
  • Lateral reporting
  • Web packages

Backpack journalism — This term generally refers to the fact that journalists today have to be able to use a variety such as a digital camera, voice recorder and video recorder. They may also have to upload their information with a laptop from a remote location. All of this equipment could be carried in a backpack.



  1. Links
  2. Background details
  3. Lists
  4. Pictures
  5. Graphics
  6. Maps
  7. Documents
  8. Interactive elements

Thinking of and using all of these devices to report a story








The Scoop:The Writer & The Law

The law is an important part of mass communication it heavily affect mass media writers” – Stovall

Students who are learning to write for the mass media should understand the importance of laws that might govern or affect what they do. This chapter reviews the major categories of the law and governmental action that touch on media writing.

  • Libel or defamation
  • First Amendment
  • Privacy


These are legal terms for harm to reputation done by written or spoken communication. This chapter outlines what the plaintiff must prove and what the writer may use for defense.

Defamation is the legal term for harming someone’s reputation

Libel – Written defamation

Slander- Spoken defamation

Libel is normally handled in civil suits, not criminal

Civil suits simply seek monetary damages rather than determinations of guilt and prison sentences

Libel is often more serious than slander because people have more chance of coming across the material


Libel and slander makes a person realize that if you have something to say about a person speak it before you write because once you write it there isn’t any taking it back or saying sorry. It falls under the statement “say what you mean and mean what you say”


The five freedoms protected by the First Amendment: speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. The First Amendment does not eliminate the need for laws governing writing. Copyright law, for instance, would be necessary whether or not there was a First Amendment.

Provides significant protection for spoken and written communication

Protects against “prior restraint”

Obscenities and criminal threats are not protected

Despite clear understanding of free speech, media outlets are often caught up in lawsuits

Publication of Private Facts

  • A plaintiff can sue if facts about his or her private life are published
  • Suits often fail because defendants are protected if the material is newsworthy

Intrusion into seclusion

  • Trespass into personal space whether physical or using technology warrants a suit

False light

  • Not the same as libel
  • Occurs when a writer misrepresents a person, claiming he or she is something that they are not


  • Unauthorized use of a person’s name, likeness or integral part of their persona

Privacy is a great achievement that some celebrities and people in high power wish to consume but based on the reality of who they are it may never be possible.

Celebrities use the media to contribute to there success and make it possible to become who they are but once they gain the fame they needed and the success the privacy of themselves can no longer be sealed.


The Scoop: PR

“Public relations, or PR, is a management function that helps organizations to communicate with targeted publics” – Samuel Johnson

In Stovell book Writing for the Mass Media I gained three very lucrative points in Chapter 12 on PR.


True Blue Communications’ Principal and President Noelle Anderson explains what public relations really means.

  • Rules For Writing Letters
  • Writing News Releases
  • The PRP


Don’t be Obsequious – Speak in a straightforward manner

Don’t try to be funny – Humor isn’t welcome in business correspondence

Use personal pronouns – Readers must be recognized as human beings

Avoid passive voice – Active verbs are more likely to be read and understood

Avoid wordiness – Keep your paragraphs and sentences simple and concise

Avoid technical language – Technical language can confuse the reader and often offend him/her




A news release is information that an organization wishes to make public

Often written in the form of a news story

Fewer than 10 percent of news releases are published because they are poorly written, and corporate managers do not understand news values

Should contain a “headline” or “slug” telling the public what the story is about

Should contain information about how a person within the organization can be reached

Release time should also be included


Successful entrepreneur and CEO, Jay Adelson


The main factors of PRP are Research, Planning, Communication, and Evaluation

The Scoop: Writing Advertising Copy

“Everything that we consume clothes, television, programs, books etc. is affected by advertising” stated by Stovell in his book entitled Writing For The Mass Media.

In the new generation we are a technical and visual group of young individuals we consume information more thorough through technology.

Three main points that I got from Chapter 11 of Stovell book entitled Writing for the Mass Media

  • AIDA
  • A copy platform is not an ad but contains many ideas that the ad will convey
  • Ads for broadcast should be simple and achieve the maximum effect in the shortest time possible



AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

1) Attention – Attract the attention of a viewer

2) Interest – Hold the consumer’s interest through words and pictures

3) Desire – Choose appeal, benefits and proper words to develop desire for the product

4) Action – Stimulate the consumer to go out and buy the product


AIDA is a very important key factor to writing ads it gives a very brief but understandable break down of what AIDA stands for, the importance and the goal.

A wonderful and handy tool for anyone in the field of Mass Communications or any type of Marketing and Business.

Copy Platform is a tool used when producing an Advertisement it allows a team to break down and figure out the production of the advertisement.

Such as….

1) The ad subject

2) Ad problem to be solved

3) Product characteristics

4) The advertising objective

5) The target market

6) The competition

7) A statement of benefit or appeal

8) A creative theme

9) Supportive selling points

Copy Platform is a very lucrative tool it aids the marketing and advertising team to develop a very successful advertisement for the business.

Failure is the New Success

For years failure has been looked at to be a bad thing, a dissappointment, weakness but its simply the opposite of that. The acceptance of failure pushes the motivation that a person has to create a image.

Some of the most historic people in this world failed, not just once multiple times but it was that drive within, that hunger that thrives deep in the soul of a human being that kept the dream alive. But soon enough the more you fail the stronger you become and the more lessons you learn to succeed like these people

Oprah Winfrey is a prime example of failure is the new success she stated: Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.





Grit is considered a personality trait a desire and passion that a person has for a job, career, business, paper, community service anything, it is just something that pushes and motivates a person to go harder.

It is some what of a obligation to be full of grit when your obtaining and perusing a life goal. It is a characteristic that makes a person stand out of a crowd but yet stay so humble.

Jay-z said it best in his song featuring Pharrell Williams “So Ambitious”

“Theres few writers in my cipher,
So they made lighter, my type a dreams seem dumb
They said wise up, how many guys you see making it from here,
The world don’t like us, is that not clear, alright,
But I’m different, I can’t base what I’m gonna be off a what everybody isn’t,
They don’t listen, just whispering behind my back,
No vision, lack of ambition,
So wack!”


No one should base their life and future off of the lack of motivation that ones friends may have. Everyone one lives off of their own grit thats what makes every individual in the world different.

We all have a different vision a different path a different map of life but we all eventually want to end at the same destination SUCCESS. But its the things that you contribute to do to get to the destination of success thats your GRIT.

My grit is I have a great relationship and bond with my professors, I work with the TV Production Station, I have a blog of course, a website and Im starting on a short film. Your grit is what you make of your life to get where you eventually want to be.

A Smile “HAPPY” Part 2

A Poem

Bright as a star with a glow so warm but as simple as a math subject. Can block all your troubles out when they appear unknown

It’s out spoken and passionate and will keep everyone happy with just a grin a sigh a look that captures all eyes

Its the auto spark to a transformer holds the power to boost anyone’s sorrow a smile

A smile is not just a action a visual it is a feeling “HAPPY”